Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sell advertising and marketing services on America's
largest Internet directories that are dedicated to the
manufacturing and machine tool industry.


We are looking for:
* Machinery Salespeople
* Manufacturing Reps
* Toolmakers and Machinist
* Retired and semi-retired people from the industry

Available Positions: Full Time - Part Time
Must be Internet savvy - Phone sales using your computer.

About Us:
Since 2000 we have built the largest group of Internet directories
in the world that are dedicated to the manufacturing and
machine tool industry. We have over 175 websites , 9 video
websites, 400+ Blogs, 4 mini Blogs (twitter), and MySpace.
Each area is linked to the others giving you fast access to all
the information that you are looking for.

Our search engine rankings are some of the highest in the industry.
We get thousands of visitors daily on all of our websites and Blogs.

To get started call us for more information
1 877 449-0442 / 714 504-4088

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